Aluminium Doors & Windows

Towards Green Construction

As an environmentally conscious organization Alugrow Trading (Pvt) Ltd promotes, adopts & implements eco-friendly construction policies & practices recommended by local & global green construction industry experts. We have taken concrete measures to educate the Sri Lankan customers & construction/civil engineering firms about the advantages of adopting green construction practices for a better future.


Towards a Sustainable Future

Alugrow Trading (Pvt) Ltd is strongly committed to a long term sustainable future with a vision of a cleaner and greener world. We have integrated eco friendly practices and environmental management as an integral part of our business goals. And we continuously & relentless voice the need for more eco friendly sustainable model of construction practices in Sri Lanka.

Why Aluminium

Eco Friendly

Aluminium is considered as the best alternative to the wood and comparatively eco friendly product.

100% Recyclable

Aluminium products can be recycled again and again making it perfect eco friendly materials for construction & other industrial use.


The extreme durability & continuing recyclability makes aluminium products both economically and environmentally sustainable product.

Zero Waste

All the waste of the production process are recycled & reused for the production leaving zero waste.